Top 5 Baby Must Haves 0-6 Months

Before I delivered, I WORSHIPED the must have lists which is why I must contribute! More amazing products are coming out every day and these literally SAVED me. Now I must say, we dabble in attachment parenting so the list follows *somewhat* accordingly. Hope this helps you and good luck on your new baby journey my friends!

1. Baby Wearing: I cannot stress this enough, it is THE master baby soother. We are a little slow here in the US to hop on the bandwagon of baby wearing but it is so helpful and it's gaining traction! Whether it's a ring sling (our favorite), super soft wrap for daily wear (favorite wrap), a baby carrier for the heavier babes and long wear (the BEST here), OR the super cool water and daily wraps for swimming and day to day life (another favorite), it's an almost guaranteed lifesaver. Baby wearing is soothing to your little one because they can hear your breathing, your heartbeat and are cocooned close to you just like the womb. We can almost always get a nap in while baby wearing and it makes shopping so much easier. Perk? When front wearing, it's a great workout for walks about the block. Now this is key, with wraps and slings- you get what you pay for. Purchasing a quality wrap or sling is investing in your little one's safety and comfort. Note: Proper and safe baby wearing is a must. See tutorials on websites given.

 Wildbird Co. Ring Sling Color: Tanager
 Wildbird Co. Ring Sling
Lillebaby Carrier

Jersey Wrap 

Stekki Wrap/Water Wrap

2: Bubnest: Oh the Bubnest. All I can say is, we're obsessed. We started our parenting journey insisting that our little guy would NEVER sleep in our bed. Well, add that to the list of "Nevers" to be thrown out because as my papi says- desperation does that to you. With exclusively breastfeeding and feeding on demand, I was in and out of bed all night- and our little guy ended up in our bed anyways by the middle of the night. Like most new parents debating bedsharing, we'd read all the warnings and were nervous we'd roll over on him. Never happened, BUT he was wiggly and all over the place all night and that's when I found our beloved bubnest on Instagram . The bubnest helped him not only stay in place at night, but he slept so much more sound during the night AND naps. The walls are just high enough to keep him in, but low enough that when I side lie nurse at night- he can stay in the bubnest and turn to his side to nurse. It's a miracle worker.


3. Breathable Swaddles: We had Denver in August, and it was a record breaking hot August too. It was rough. We also live in an old farm house with not so great insulation, so our house would get warm. Like most new parents we were putting too many layers on our little guy (rule of thumb: one more layer than what you need to feel comfortable, thank you Nurse Christy), and he would quickly get too warm. On top of that, the blankets we were using were cheaply made and not breathable- causing heat rash. That's when I discovered Little Unicorn's Cotton Swaddle . Not only are they SO CUTE and affordable, but so soft and breathable. They're softness makes them easy to swaddle, stay swaddled and our little guy slept till 3 months cozy and happy.


4. Sleep Sack: After your little one can start to rollover and it's no longer an option to swaddle (or in our case, spread out in their sleep breaking the swaddle)- the sleep sack will become your best friend. Our little guy doesn't like covers, pants or anything "binding" in his opinion but at night, especially in the winter, he obviously gets chilled without cover. This is when we discovered the Ergo Pouch. The Ergo Pouch is warm yet breathable, wears like a warm long sleeve shirt up top and like a sleeping bag on the bottom leaving your little one to kick, stretch and do whatever their little hearts desire all while staying warm and safe not having to worry about the dangers of a blanket. My favorite part? The bottoms can zip into pants, so February stroller rides are doable and so cozy! He's asleep in minutes!



5. Easy Clothes: Okay, this sounds silly but snaps on clothes will be the death of me. I'm definitely a onesie girl, I LOVE them on my little guy but I hate those snaps. Especially middle of the night changing. Solution? Rags to Raches. Rags is perfect because the onesies have no snaps! They're super soft fabric stretches at the neck right off their arms and up again so changing is a breeze. I was worried at first that it would stretch the neck out, but the fabric is such high quality that the integrity of the neckline stays in tact. Now shoes, I have purchased exactly 11 pair of shoes for little D until I found a pair that stayed on. Literally 11. The perfect shoe is one we've all heard of- Freshly Picked Moccasins. They are worth the hype and the price. The leather is high quality and the colors and prints are so spot on. We can run errands all day without worrying about losing those shoes! Absolutely perfect.


I hope this helps you navigate your way through this new bundle of joy you're welcoming into your life. I think we're all flying by the seat of our pants trying to figure out how to raise these tiny humans, so good luck and mom on my friends!

-Your Pal Stevi



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