Phil and Teds Stroller Review

To start, I have to add that I've tried 5 strollers before this one (FIVE!!! GUYS!)- and this one takes the cake. Did I spoil the review? Nah, keep reading.

As mama's, we all know the struggle of going into a store with our babes. Do I baby wear him (we'll both end up sweating to death because we are warm blooded I tell ya), do I set him in the cart to get bacterial meningitis like the circulating Facebook article says, do I leave him in the stroller, carseat....???? This was a constant struggle before our beloved (okay, that's a little dramatic-but still) Phil and Teds Stroller.

When I first received it, I immediately noticed the quality- leaps and bounds above the other strollers I had. I loved the bold print, and it rode SO SMOOTH.

We tried out all the different sitting and laying positions and honestly we are obsessed with the lay down feature (that we're almost grown out of- insert crying emoji here). It gives baby D a quiet place to lay down, sip a bottle, stretch his legs and nap while I shop. Another life hack? I take it to church. We're the classic 15 minute late folks, so we have to sit in the back where they have metal fold up chairs which DOES NOT go over well with a sleepy, wiggly babe. We place him in the lay down position in the stroller, hand him a few snacks, toys- you name it, and he has a clean and safe place to play all while being quiet and entertained for church. It's literally my nanny friend. It goes everywhere with us.

And lastly, so simple but so necessary- the canopy up top is- A: SO CUTE OMG. and most importantly B: it extends down one notch further than the rest of my strollers so when we're taking our evening strolls and the sun is low- my little guy's eyes are still shaded even with him laying flat (ps this is how he goes down for bed at night. So nice).

So in a nut shell, I HIGHLY recommend this stroller for it's ability to adapt with a growing babe, the quality of canvas, the smooth ride, and the full canopy. Don't hesitate ya'll. It's amazing. 

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