Baby Nursery

Since Denver's nearing his 6 month mark, it's probably appropriate I post his nursery. Now, an honest disclaimer: this kid has not slept in his crib once- he's taken a likening to a queen size bed of his parents. We're in trouble.

At the 6 month mark we plan on using an Angel Care Video and Movement Monitor , that way my peeking in on him won't wake him up (hover mother problems...), I can just sneak a peek at the video and be rest assured that if his breathing falters, i'll be notified by the movement sensor. So cool, but more on that later.

Some of you may know I live in the tiniest of tiny farm houses, though I love it and wholeheartedly believe in living small- it's tough to find room for everything! Thanks to a husband who built the most beautiful blue pine armoire, I was able to save space not needing a dresser and closet. Hope you enjoy our little space! 




Giant Octopus



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