An Open Door And Plenty To Go Around: An Italian Thanksgiving

I'm part Italian. I'm Italian. Have I mentioned I'm Italian? I could be a little proud of that. Italians are loud, dry, olive skinned, food loving, family first, hot tempered jokers and they're the best crowd you'd ever want around. With all of this, you can imagine Thanksgiving being nothing short of amazing. We incorporate traditional Thanksgiving foods but the Italian food takes the win. 
My dad is head of the Gnocchi. There's a trick to Gnocchi to make it chewy and not doughy....and I'm keeping that to myself. Haha. Gotta have some mystery in this world, right?
We have Grandpa doing Bagna Cauda- which is a warm dip from Piedmont, Italy made from garlic, anchovies, olive oil and butter. The mixture simmers until everything disintegrates and makes a fine, fine nectar of the Gods. We like to take the leaves from the heart of a celery stock (the more yellow, the better. mmm.) for dipping. Seriously so delicious. We had to see how Italian D was by how much he liked it. Good news- he's one of us. 
And uncle Mitch is always on the homemade Ravioli. Homemade is chewier, rich and delicious. 
But more than any of this, my big ol' family has always welcomed anyone into the family to enjoy this feast of food and company.
The usual hosts, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Kris, have welcomed displaced families, families new to the area, multiple foreign exchange students and many many friends. We make plenty of food because that's how we share love.
Anyone who shows up will be fed. Come into my warm home, any day of the week and I will care for you. If my family could have a motto- that'd be it. And THAT is what i'm proud of. I will be my brother's keeper.
Happy Holidays my friends. May we have open hearts, minds, and doors.

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