Little Baby, Welcome To The Family.

Little babe, welcome to this close knit group of people we call family.
You'll have grandparents who get dragged along every hiking adventure- willingly or not. They do it to watch their kids smile, enjoy life and create memories that molds character. You'll find that's important. They'll teach you to laugh. Your grandpa will play you old 70's folk music, teach you about the musicians, tell you to listen close- listen to what they're saying because they're all a life lesson. Every song will stick with you. Your grandma will teach you to love. Grandmas do that. She'll show you the kind of love that's endless, she'll scoop up a stranger who needs love and hold them tight. The good kind of love.
An uncle who can't wait to show you the world he sees and carry you on his back for every adventure. He'll teach you honesty and perseverance. 


And aunts who will love you, all your ups and all your downs. They'll be endless listeners. That's important because there will be days like this.

Parents who've waited for you. You'll fit perfectly into our little family of two that's been for a better part of a decade. You'll be our world, but you'll see that first we're each others. This sounds strange- but you'll find comfort in this, I know I did. Watching your parents put their love first will make you feel safe, feel love, comfort, and teach you love in ways you'll understand later. The home will be in complete harmony when the parents are one and we'll work hard on this for you. We can't wait for you to feel our love we have for you.
This family has waited so long to love you. Welcome little love.
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