We're a husband and wife duo of 10 years who love to wander, create, being new parents and farming. We're hoping to share all of that with you right here. Here's a little bit about ourselves...

Clayton has a fine eye for authentic, raw, film inspired photography and will be doing most of the photography work here on the site. He's also the brains behind our hilarious attempt to farming and beautiful craftsmanship with our home improvements, guy can build a home from the ground up. He's incredible.

I (Stevi) am a new mama to baby boy Denver, the creator behind Miss Stevi Marie's and often chuckle (in a "this is way too awesome" way) that I make a living creating flower crowns for fellow wandering souls and Stevie Nicks lovers like myself (and my parents obviously, hence the name.) I'm also a stylist for photo shoots, makeup artist, practicing Aesthetician at a medical spa and avid community supporter- so you'll see all sorts of fun stuff coming from me.

Our goal is to keep our blog as authentic, down to earth, salt of the earth, bona-fided (any other way to say real?) as possible. And hopefully be a fun, sometimes, all the times sarcastic, behind the scenes of what's seen in small glimpses on our Instagram accounts. 

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